Human Research Protection Office (HRPO)

Using SMART IRB & Single IRB Review

Presenter: Jean Barone, HRPO Director

NIH's requirement for use of a single IRB will be effective September 25, 2017. Join Jean Barone to learn about SMART IRB, IRBChoice and other available reliance mechanisms. Attendees will learn the mechanism for requesting use of a single IRB, what to include in a budget, and what type of OSIRIS submission is needed.

Public Input for Changes to Reportable Events Policy

Jamie Zelazny, PhD, HRPO Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Richard Guido, MD, HRPO Chair

The Human Research Protection Office is considering changes to the reportable event policies and procedures and we would like your input!

Please join Jamie Zelazny, PhD and Richard Guido, MD at this open discussion forum.  They will discuss the current reporting guidelines for the University of Pittsburgh, along with draft policies for future reporting requirements.