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Training for Researchers

Training requirements will vary according to each individual’s role in conducting research as well as the nature of the research being performed.

The University of Pittsburgh utilizes two web-based training programs to facilitate education to the research community:

CITI - Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative: an organization whose goal is to develop and distribute high quality, peer reviewed educational resources for the research community. CITI training programs have become the de facto standard to meet RCR and Human Subjects Research training requirements at most institutions in the U.S. This represents an advantage for faculty who anticipate collaborating with colleagues at other institutions who also utilize CITI. Having completed the CITI programs may fulfill the requirements at your collaborator’s institution and thus eliminate unnecessary duplicative training.

Users must go through the Pitt CITI Access Portal, using, to register training with the University as there is no way to register with the University directly from the CITI website.

ISER - Internet-based Studies in Education and Research: a web-based training system developed by the University of Pittsburgh specifically for researchers, staff and students of the University.

ISER site is located at:


Training Courses Conducting Human Subject Research
(includes Faculty Mentors)
Conducting Animal Research All Others Involved in Research Activities
Required Training
CITI Responsible Conduct of Research
(re-certification every 4 years)
CITI Human Subjects Training
(re-certification every 4 years)
ISER Use and Care of Laboratory Animals
(re-certification every 4 years)
ISER Animal Species Specific
(re-certification every 4 years)
Research Specific Training
CITI Conflict of Interest
Required if externally funded or meet other criteria
(re-certification every 4 years)
CITI Good Clinical Practice
Required if engaged in the conduct, oversight or management of clinical trials
(re-certification every 3 years)
ISER HIPAA Privacy Training for
Researchers who encounter PHI

Radiation Safety
Required if using radioactive materials or radiation producing equipment
(No re-certification required)
Environmental Health & Safety
Required based on use of chemical or biohazardous materials (including biologic specimens)

CITI Training (         ISER Training (